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3D printing in industrial design

Jun 05, 2017

SLA (Stereo lithography), the first 3D printing technology to be used commercially, is currently the most mature 3D printing technology available. SLA is simple to operate and capable of highly precise printing that can meet even the most demanding design requirements. Compared to the traditional design method, SLA 3D printing is far more cost-effective and efficient. SLA 3D printing is widely appreciated by product designers for its ability to quickly turn new ideas into concrete market-ready products with practical applications.


1. The precision of Rich-Opto’s SLA 3D printing technology is much higher than FDM equipment, opening new opportunities for designers. Traditional SLA industrial grade equipment is expensive and difficult to operate. Rich-Opto, on the other hand, produces printing equipment that is cost-effective and user friendly. Rich-Opto offers an office-oriented 3D printer that enables designers to realize their ideas whenever and wherever they may be.


2. Rich-Opto printers help to shorten the R&D cycle and reduce R&D cost by enabling new products to reach the market sooner and opening new  competitive opportunities for design companies.


3. Rich-Opto print workpieces can be assembled for tests to verify the rationality of a proposed design.


4. In traditional product design, the designer's ideas are subject to the existing processing technology. Rich-Opto printers offer a new frontier: ideas are no longer limited by the shape or structure of the parts. Rather, designers enjoy a unique advantage by using Rich-Opto technology to produce sculptured surfaces.