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1.What kind of after-sales service system do we have?

we have rapid pre-sale and after-sale service system.

Rich-opto responds to various industries of various scale to meet their 3D printing needs.

In order to enhance the core competence,we communicate with users atively, help users apply the high-precision 3D printers to their R&D and production. Whether products or service,Rich-Opto is always worth trusting,your smile is our pursuit.

2.What file formats can be used?

Supports STL and SLC formats.

3.Does the 3D printer itself have a model?

We have this printer itself with a print model, but everyone's request is not the same, it is recommended that you according to their own inspiration to design or download.

4.How much does the resin tank cost?

Resin tank is the consumables in SLA 3D printing. Maybe you have questions about how frequent do I have to change the resin tank?

Rich-Opto SLA 3D printer resin tank has a membrane of gel. When you feel that the resin tank caused the precision. You just need to change membrane of gel. The changing frenquency depends on the strength of printing.The maximum service time is about 3 months.

5.How long does a 3D print take?

That depends on several factors:
The size of your model
The material you are using
The layer height (smaller layers mean more layers to print)
The complexity of your model
Whether the object needs supports
The most common slicers give to you the estimated time of print the model, but since external factors affect the job the print could use more time or less.

6.Can 3D printer  print everything?

Actually, 3D printing is limited by the model, You must have its 3d dimension data before you print. The quantity of model on the internet is limited,when you can't find the proper data you need, you must build a model by yourself, so it is necessary that you can manage the modeling software. Besides,limited materials and other problems make "3D printing can print everything" only exist in theory.

7.Is the speed of 3d printing faster than traditional ways?

Although 3D printing technology is making a progress gradually, as for simple models, it is still slower than the traditional process, if 3D printing running too fast, the result may be not good enough. As for the products which have complicated structure or  craft´╝îthe advantages of 3d printing is obvious.

8.About the Simplicity of operating.

Most of users are not the expert in 3D printing, so it is important for buyers to choose the printer which is easy-operating. Rich-Opto RC1801 adopts 7 inch HD touch screen, you can learn to use the printer very fast.