UV Dental Product 3D Printer RC890

UV Resin Dental 3D Printer Rich-Opto LCD 3D Printer Machine. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Product Model: RC890 Species: LCD Printing size: 192*120*130 mm Printing layer thickness(resolution): 0.025-0.1 mm Printing speed: 25mm/h Z axis resolution/precision: 0.01mm XY resolution: 2560*1600 Display screen: 5" HD LCD screen Dimension for printer: 400*420*595.5 mm Weight: 29kg Document format: STL/OBJ/3MF Connecting way: U disk

Product Details

Product discription


Machine advantages

◆ Excellent water-cooling heat dissipation structure ensuring resin to be auto-thermostatically heated, which guarantees a steady printing effect; resin can be added automatically for constant printing without guardian.


◆ With specialized dental resin, high quality dental crown models can be printed on site, which surface is smooth and accuracy is high.


◆ 3D printing no longer requiring of moulding over times, with tiny printing errors, occlusal degree between up and down after planting and restoration is high.


◆ For different dental applications, it provides fast and comprehensive options; with specialized dental resin printing on site, guarantees the precision of the finished models.

Dental solution provided

printed product

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