Print Material 405nm Uv Liquid Resin Quick Curing For 3D Printer Printing

Macarons Photosensitive Resin Six Colors Optional(Green/Blue/Red/Gray/Yellow/White) High Quality Tridimensional Printed Models Smooth Surface Feels Excellent

Product Details

Print Material 405nm UV Sensitive Resin Quick Curing For 3D Printer Printing

Product photosensitive resin introduction





405nm UV sensitive resin parameters


405nm UV sensitive resin advantages

1.For LCD 3D printer

2.Quick curing

3.Various color

4.Great stability

5.High precision

Resin use precautions

1. Before printing, the resin needs to be fully stirred evenly. It can be shaken (there will be a lot of bubbles generated by shaking). After using the discarded chopsticks to reach the bottom of the bottle and stirring for about 1 minute, it can be poured into the resin pool.

2. After printing, if you need to print again, you need to judge whether the resin is precipitated or not, so you can stir the awareness in printing first.

3. After printing, if you do not need to print again, you need to recycle the resin to the dark container. It is best not to recycle it to the original resin bottle to avoid damage to the resin activity.

4. The print screen should be kept clean and tidy. After printing, if you do not need to print again, you need to check whether there is any imprint on the screen, and it should be processed in time.

5, after recycling the resin, should pay great attention to the corners of the resin pool need to be wiped clean with alcohol, so as not to cause the resin to the print screen, can not clean the situation.

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