405nm LCD 3D Printer Resin In Grape Purple

Hand-made photosensitive resin parameters Resin Model: 501 Applicable models: 405nm band LCD 3D printer Material advantages: high-precision / high-quality hand-made resin Material use: It can be used for professional hand printing / meeting the details and texture requirements of rival office models. Shore hardness: 72D Color: Curry Yellow, Mustard Green

Product Details

405nm LCD 3D Printer Resin in Grape Purple

Resin Product Introduction:

General Resin 501


Low Odor

Suitable for LCD 3D Printer

Model Show by LCD 3D Printer in Model of HT550



Resin Parameters:

* Smell: low

* Viscosity: 200-300(25℃,MPA.S)

* Flexural strength: 45-60 MPA

* Deformation temperature: 60℃

* Volume shrinkage: 7%-8%

* Surface Gloss: Glossy

* Tensile Strength: 75-85MPA

* Shore Hardness: 70-75D