3D printer castable resin jewelry liquid casting/wax resin

LCD/SLA UV Resin Curable 3d Printer Casting Resin for Jewelry

Product Details

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Technical Parameters:

 Color: Green/Yellow

 Viscosity: 100-150(25℃, m.pa.s)

 Flexural strength: 49—58Mpa

 Hot deformation temp.: 65℃

 Volume shrinkage: 4.06%—5.08%

 Tensile strength: 42—62Mpa

 Hardness(Sh ore D): 65D

 Density: 1.05—1.13g/cm³ 

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Terms and Conditions:

Shake well before use, please wear a glove mask, the recommended temperature 20-25 ℃, to avoid dust and the environment.




This product can not be taken orally. Keep away from children. Do not enter the eyes. In case of accidental contact, flush with plenty of water as soon as possible. If not, consult a doctor promptly.


Save notes:


It is recommended to store at 15 ℃ -35 ℃ ambient temperature,  the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity of the resin.  Sealed, dusty or damp, affecting print quality. Shading preservation, the sun contains a lot of ultraviolet light, will cure photosensitive resin.