Sla Desktop-level High Precision Stereo Animation 3D Printer

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Product Details

Sla Desktop-level High Precision Stereo Animation 3D Printer

RC1801 Desktop 3d Printer Kit SLA 

RC1801 is a industrial level SLA laser 3D printer, which is specifically developed to provide high quality and advanced performance.

Machine advantages

*  Rapid cooling

*  Higher accuracy

*  Strong stability

*  Linear Guides

*  Larger size

*  HD touch screen

*  Imported module

*  Long lasting

RC1801 (2)



NO.1 Imported laser with long service life

Imported modular 405nm laser with long service life, excellent laser spot quality and more stable light output efficiency

NO.2 Integrated seal design, imported linear guide

Imported linear guide, servo motor greatly improved, layer thickness positioning accuracy and demolding quality

NO.3 Large print size, 7 inch HD touch screen

7-inch high-definition touch screen perfectly realizes offline operation, making operation easier

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