SLA 3D Printer for Casting Resin Jewellery

Model:DM1506 Printing Size:150*150*200mm Printing Layer Thickness:0.025-0.1mm Document Format:stl,slc,roc

Product Details


Product name      SLA 3D Printer for Casting Resin Jewellery                                      
Print size100*100*120mm
Scan speed10000mm/s
Focus spot0.03mm
Connecting wayUSB
Layer resolution0.025-0.1mm
File formatstl,slc,roc

Product Features

1. Desktop 3D Printer - Easy operation with high accuracy.

2. Put your creative ideas into 3D Printing - Download 3D models from Internet or Build your own 3D models.

3. USB connecting - Print at home freely.

4. Professional 3D printer for jewelry design.

5. Assembled 3D printer kit with enclosed structure.

Product Advantages

1. The printed item’s surface is smooth which helps to reduce the post-processing’ waste.

2. Wire mesh structure can be printed with faster speed which can meet higher demand of jewelry’s printing.

3. Fast printing speed, high accuracy and better stability are available with self-developed new generation laser optical system.

4. 0.03mm gathered spot, high and delicate, and realized thin-walled printing.

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