Rich-Opto SLA 3D Printer - For Jewelry & Dental

Model:DM1506 Printing Size:150*150*180mm Layer thickness:0.025-0.1mm Document Format:STL/SLC/OBJ

Product Details


Made for Professionals, Engineered for Accuracy

It's all in the details. It is a photopolymerization 3D printer designed to print intricate designs in high resolution.

Accurate and Fast

Powered by SLA technology, you can always print with speed and accuracy. Rich-Opto prints all the details of a layer at the same time, letting you print multiple objects with complex details efficiently.

More Material Options

It is compatible with a wide variety of resin materials. Using its 405nm UV LED, it can also support 3rd party resins.

Empower Your Business

Create the perfect prototype for your business. The Rich-Opto is a cost-effective and simple solution for jewelry and other designers to print complex and intricate designs with high quality.


prototyping, art design, jewelry casting, and dental prints.  

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