Jewelry XYZ Pringting SLA 3D Printer

Model:DM1006 Printing Size:100*100*120mm Layer thickness:0.025-0.1mm Document Format:STL/SLC/OBJ

Product Details

Exquisite Details Stunning Finish

It is a highly accurate, consumer-grade desktop SLA Laser 3D printer with a XY axis resolution up to 3 microns and a layer thickness of 25 and 100 microns. It is designed to achieve superior print results for users of all levels at an affordable cost.

Closed Printing Area Ensure Home Use Safety

UV Laser 405nm Class 1 certification with Product Shell is safe for home use and all enclosed design protects users from ultraviolet ray during printing, and ensures printing byproducts aren't released outside the printing area.

Jewelry SLA 3D Printer Parameters


Printer Raw Material——Resin


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