High-Speed Resin SLA Industrial 3D Printer

Model:RC1801 Printing Size:170*170*170mm Printing Layer Thickness:0.025-0.1mm Document Format:stl

Product Details


Product Description

1. DESKTOP DESIGN: Suitable for office, studio or home.

2. READY TO PRINT: Unlike most other 3D printers, fully assembled and has already been calibrated at the factory. You can start printing right out of the box!

3. OFFLINE PRINTING: Press the print button and your design begins to take shape. Without connection problems. Easy to print.

4. Printing at 170mm XY resolution and up to 170mm Z layer thickness, Rich-Opto has an amazing ability to print in higher resolution compared to DLP 3D printers.

5. WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: If you have any question please feel free to contact us, we will reply any product issue within 24 hours.

Common trouble shooting

1. The 3D printer suddenly pauses during printing?

Check whether the power is off and whether the switches of each line are in good contact. During the printing process, make sure that the power is on. After the power is turned off, you will not be able to continue printing this model.

2. Machine can not turn on?

Verify that whether the power cable is properly connected.

3. The model printed out deformation?

Modify the model support method.

4. Delaminate when printing a model?

Check whether there are resin residue on the platform.

5. Printing finished products with layer thicker?

Adjust the model placement angle