Casting Resin Jewellery 3D Printer

Casting Resin Jewellery 3D Printer
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Product Details

DM1506 Jewelry SLA laser 3D printer

Relying on deep 3D printing technology and experiences, Rich-Opto provides SLA 3D printer—— DM1506 with independent intellectual property rights. The precision and stability can both reach industrial standard. The build volume is far beyond other printers in the market, meeting more customers’ requirements of high precision.

Major characteristics

  • Contains a next-generation laser optical path system independently developed by Rich-Opto: high

speed, high precision and good stability.

  • 0.05mm focus spot: enables fine touches and 0.3mm thin wall printing.

  • Industrial grade laser scanning galvanometer: laser scanning speed of  10000mm/s.

  • Utilizes stable and accurate linear guide rail with pinpoint positioning, can restore the print model with precision in the case of high load.

  • 7 inch HD touch screen for easier operation.

DM1506A, DM1006