405nm UV Resin Light-Cure Jewelry 3D Printer

Model:DM1006 Printing Size:100*100*120mm Printing Layer Thickness:0.025-0.1mm Document Format:stl,slc,roc

Product Details



Product Description

1. Uses advanced stereo lithography 3D printing technology

2. Cures Photopolymer resin using UV lasers

3. Can print in 0.025mm resolution. 

4. Includes DM1006 3D printer, scraper, shovel, tweezers, gloves, power cable encryption disk, resin tank.


1. Equipment’s working temperature: 20℃-30℃,please avoid strong light, strong magnetic field interference and dust environment.

2. Please open the head cover of optical system, otherwise it will not print.

3. Do not touch the resin tank film and transparent baseplate directly with a sharp object to avoid scratches that will affect printing.

4. If there is dopant in the resin tank, wipe it with a lint-free cloth or wash it with ethanol, and assure no ethanol residue, otherwise the material will not be cured.

5. Please avoid any resin or dust pollute the inside of the 3D printer, if resin or a lot of dust is accidentally on the lens, wipe it with a lint-free cloth or wash it with ethanol.

6. Used resin must be filtrated and stored in a fixed container. Mixing with unused resin is prohibited.

7. The 3D printer has built-in precision optics, avoid falling and impact during installation, placement, and handling to avoid damage. 

8. The 4 legs of the 3D printer can be adjusted to make the device in a horizontal state to ensure stability and avoid vibration.

9. If you use the 3D printer for a long time or don’t use it , please close the lens hood.