RICH-OPTO Jewelry Sla 3D Printer

DM1506 is a jewelry SLA laser 3D printer, which is specifically developed to provide high quality and advanced performance. Resolution up to 0.025mm Smooth surfaces that reduces post-processing waste Wire mesh structure that meets higher demand of jewelry’s printing 0.03mm focusing spot that realizes thin-walled printing

Product Details

Detailed Parameters


Technology: SLA

Printing size: 150*150*180 mm

Printing layer thickness: 0.025-0.1 mm

Scanning speed: 12000mm/s(MAX)

Printing speed: 2000~6000mm/s

Focusing spot: ≥0.03mm

Laser: 405nm modular semiconductor laser

Z axis resolution: ≥0.05mm

Display screen: 7" HD LCD screen

Dimension: 380*330*720mm

Power adapter: 100-240V 1.5A 50/60Hz 160W

Document format: STL/SLC/OBJ

Connecting way: u-disk

Operation system: WindowsXP and updated system

1506_ 03

1506_ 08


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