On Sale Best Creality 3D Printer For Anime Fans DIY And Home Use

1. New body material Frosted texture body, a new upgrade, the panel is integrally formed, and the core of the whole machine is excellent inside and outside. 2.cooling air vent Excellent heat dissipation function to ensure the stability of the machine without a series of printing problems caused by overheating 3. Change screen without disassembling Modular design, no need to disassemble the whole screen, according to the tutorial, remove the resin tank and follow the steps, it only takes a few minutes to complete the screen change operation 4.New printing platform Model does not come off, easy to remove the model 5.Z axis screw During the printing of the model, the platform is closely attached, and the Z axis slides smoothly to reduce friction, thereby improving the printing accuracy of the model

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On Sale Best Creality 3D Printer For Anime Fans DIY And Home Use

3D Printer Machine Apperance



3d printer


3D printer machine parameters


                Printing Size: 115*65*160MM

                Printing layer thickness(resolution):0.025-0.1mm

                Printing Speed:20-25mm/h

                 Exposure Time:3s/layer

                 Molding Precision:+-0.05mm

                 Z axis resolution:2560*1440

                 XY Resolution:2560*1440

                 Display screen:2.8" HD LCD screen

                 Dimension for printer:270*220*420 mm


                  Power Adapter(adapter input);100-240V 1.5A 50/60Hz 160W

                  Adapter output:24V

                  Document format:STL/SLC/OBJ

                  Connecting Way:U disk

Show of the latest printed anime model

Hell witch_Jc

Monkey D.Luffy_Jc

The walking dead_Jc

National emblem_Jc

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