Professional Desktop LCD 3D Printer With Quick Slice

2020 New Design Lcd 3D Printer And Updated Generation Machine With High Resoluction

Product Details

Professional Slice Light-curing Desktop Lcd 3D Printer

 Lcd 3D printer apperance Show(front/side/back & size:270mm*220mm*446mm)

ht560 3d printer

Fast slicer software

Slicing faster than most commonly used software

Slice software installation and use:

1. After installing the slicing software, if the software interface is incomplete or cannot be sliced, the computer lacks a runtime library. Find the Slicengine and StlShellExt folders in the software installation directory, and release the program with the suffix exe in the folder.

2. The slicing software only has the functions of slicing and adding support. The repair, cutting and shelling of the model need to be performed by third-party software. For example, Red Rabbit, magics, netfabb and so on.

3. After importing the slicing software, the stl model must be complete, and there must be no normal errors, cracks, interferences, or broken surfaces, so that the printer can fully display, otherwise there will be printing failure or incompleteness. (Normal direction error: stl files are made up of triangles, and triangles have front and back sides. If the inside of the triangles faces outward, it is defined as a normal error. Cracks: triangles and triangles The pieces are not closed, there are open edges, and the inside is hollow without forming a solid body. Interference: There is an intersection between objects and they are not independent of each other. Broken surface: A part of the triangle patch forming the three-dimensional model is missing and has holes , Is that open objects are not entities.)

4. The use of slicing software is mainly divided into four parts: import model → add support → slice → export to U disk.

The conditions to be noted when importing the model interface are: adjusting the model's proper placement position, angle, size, and placing on the bottom surface. The model must not exceed the format, otherwise a red box prompt will appear.

Add Support: The thickness of the selected support and the status of the reinforced support used. After one-click support, you need to manually supplement the support and increase the dangling points that the model does not cover in place. The areas where the model adds support will have areas of color change for reference; darker colors indicate that the support needs to be denser, and lighter colors indicate that the support is sparse.

5. When slicing, note that you need to click the slicing icon again after loading the slice, and a prompt box for saving the name will appear. It is best not to use special characters for naming to avoid data errors and printing failure.

6. After the slicing is completed, you need to pay attention to the use of the progress bar on the right side of the slicing interface. After dragging the progress bar to layer 0, observe whether the model shows pictures. If it is black, it means that the support penetrates the base and needs to return The height of the model interface can be raised to 3.5mm, and then re-slicing after returning to the slice interface.

7. Before exporting the model, you need to pay attention to judge the size of the printed model and fine-tune the parameters.

Five advantages of the machine

High precision

Easy levelling

Strong stability 

Self-developed software

USB printing

 Lcd 3D printer parameters details


Print any complex accurate print of complex and sophisticated models:

3D printing anime model-1

3D printing anime model-2

Excellent printer surface for multiple applications

3D printing industrial kit-1

3D printing industrial kit-2

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