LCD 3D Printer Smart Support Fast Slicing Resin 3d Printing UV Light Curing Easy Operate

RICH-OPTO SELF-DETERMINATION R&D TEAM RICH-OPTO self-developed software system and self-toning colorful resin provide you an excellent 3D printing experience with a powerful R&D team as our backup protection. COMPANY TECHNOLOGY TENET People Oriented Technology for Innovation Customer Demand Oriented is our company tenet, Ultimate Refinement Concentration & Excellence is our company ideology, RICH-OPTO provides high precision, high speed, high stability 3D printing system for customers from different areas covering from industrial design & manufacture, medical dental industry, jewelry design to culture & education and etc.

Product Details

RICH-OPTO Dental LCD Light Curing 3D Printer


Machine Advantages:

 ◆ Excellent water-cooling heat dissipation structure ensuring resin to be auto-thermostatically heated, which guarantees a steady printing effect; resin can be added automatically for constant printing without guardian.

 ◆ With specialized dental resin, high quality dental crown models can be printed on site, which surface is smooth and accuracy is high.

 ◆ 3D printing no longer requiring of moulding over times, with tiny printing errors, occlusal degree between up and down after planting and restoration is high.

 ◆ For different dental applications, it provides fast and comprehensive options; with specialized dental resin printing on site, guarantees the precision of the finished models.


Dental Solution Provided:

Oral Scanning

Design and Export Dental Digital Model

Import Dental Digital Models into 3D Printer and Print

Post-processing of Printed Models



Q: What is 3D Printing?

A: 3D printing is a way to prototype parts rapidly in which a real object is created from a 3D design.
The digital 3D model can be saved in a variety of standard formats including STL and OBJ and then uploaded to a 3D printer for processing. The 3D printer then prints the design layer by layer and forms a real object.

Q: What file formats can be used?

A: Supports STL and SLC formats.

Q: Does the 3D printer itself have a model?
A: We have this printer itself with a print model, but everyone's request is not the same, it is recommended that you according to their own inspiration to design or download

Q: How long does a 3D print take?
A: That depends on several factors:
The size of your model
The material you are using
The layer height (smaller layers mean more layers to print)
The complexity of your model
Whether the object needs supports

The most common slicers give to you the estimated time of print the model, but since external factors affect the job the print could use more time or less.