Desktop LCD 3D Printer

Desktop LCD 3D Printer
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Machine Features

1. With 115*65*160 mm molding size, meets your daily demands

2. 2.8-inch full-colour touchscreen system, support real-time preview, more intuitive to find the file you need
3. Off-line printing, support USB connect, easier to print
4. Fast slicing, slice speeds up to 20~25mm/h
5. Rapid screen change, easy to change 2K LCD screen
6. Ultra-high precision, one-time molding of complex models, printing accuracy error  to 0.05mm    

7. Light-curing 3D printer for various industries: Jewelry/Architecture/Dental model/Game model etc.

Machine Parameters

  • Print size:115*65*160 mm

    Connectivity: U-disk

  • Layer resolution :  0.025 ~ 0.100mm

  • Z axis resolution :  ≥0.05mm

  • Technique: LCD

  • Printing speed :  20~25mm/h

  • Printing material :   resin

  • Screen : 2.8-inch touch screen

  • Machine weight: 8kg


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