Big Promotion You Can Get A Free LCD 3d Printer By Purchasing 10KGS High Precision Resin

Higher Printing Efficiency Second Generation LCD 3D Printer Product desktop lcd 3D printer show 2nd Generation Lcd 3D Printer Features Single-layer exposure 2~3s Faster curing speed,higher printing efficiency The 2nd generation LCD tech with higher resolution Finer printing effect silky smooth...

Product Details

2020 Big Sale Free LCD 3D Printer Machine+10KGS high precision resin

Big Promotion! You can get a free LCD 3d printer by purchasing 10KGS high precision resin


Product LCD 3D printer apperance show :

The 2nd generation LCD tech with higher resolution

Finer printing effect silky smooth touch

Slider with built-in bearing ball

Stable printing high stability long life


 Product LCD 3D Printer Parameters details

                Product Model:HT550


                Printing Size: 115*65*160MM

                Printing layer thickness(resolution):0.025-0.1mm

                Printing Speed:20-25mm/h

                 Exposure Time:3s/layer

                 Molding Precision:+-0.05mm

                 Z axis resolution:2560*1440

                 XY Resolution:2560*1440

                 Display screen:2.8" HD LCD screen

                 Dimension for printer:270*220*420 mm


                  Power Adapter(adapter input);100-240V 1.5A 50/60Hz 160W

                  Adapter output:24V

                  Document format:STL/SLC/OBJ

                  Connecting Way:U disk

601 High precision resin parameters introduction



Flexural Strength:25-35MPA

Deformation Temperature:60℃

Volume Shrinkage:5%-7%

Surface Gloss:Medium Gloss

Tensile Strength:55-70MPA

Shore Hardness:80-85D

Color:Clay/Red mud/Stucco

501 grape pruple resin parameters introduction



Flexural Strength:45-60MPA

Deformation Temperature:60℃

Volume Shrinkage:7%-8%

Surface Gloss:High Gloss

Tensile Strength:45-55MPA

Shore Hardness:70-75D

Color:Grape purple

Printed model effect show without ps



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