3D Printer LCD 2K Screen

Model:HT550 Printing size:115*65*160mm Document format:STL/SLC/OBJ

Product Details

3D Printer LCD 2K Screen 

 1)2.8inch sensitive touch screen 

    color screen and brief interface make it simple to operate.

 2)off-line Print

    Most LCD printers use Raspberry Pi to support off-line printing but need debug from time to time. Rich-Opto supports offline print with built-in operational system, truly hassle-free.

3)Slicing quickly.

    Self-developed Slicer Software, quick to slice and easy to use.

4)Z-axis Linear Rail Design

    Improve the stability of Z axis, contribute to smooth surface and reconstruct more detail

5)Print Quietly

    Works quietly , do not affect your work and sleep


Technical Specification:

Operation : 2.8 inch Screen
Connectivity : USB memory
Technique : LCD shadow masking
XY resolution : 2560*1440
Z axis accuracy : ≥0.05mm
Layer thickness : 0.025-0.1 mm
Print speed : 20~25mm/h
Dimension : 270mm(L)*220mm(W)*420mm
Build volume : 115mm(L)*65mm(W)*160mm
Material : resin
Net weight : 8Kg 

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