2020 Big Sale Free Lcd 3d Printer Machine+10kgs High Precision Resin

Higher Printing Efficiency Second Generation LCD 3D Printer Product desktop lcd 3D printer show 2nd Generation Lcd 3D Printer Features Single-layer exposure 2~3s Faster curing speed,higher printing efficiency The 2nd generation LCD tech with higher resolution Finer printing effect silky smooth...

Product Details

2020 Big Sale Free LCD 3D Printer Machine+10KGS high precision resin

2020 Big Sale Introduction:free LCD 3D printer machine with precision resin purchase


Product LCD 3D printer apperance show :


The 2nd generation LCD tech with higher resolution

Finer printing effect silky smooth touch

Slider with built-in bearing ball

Stable printing high stability long life


 Product LCD 3D Printer Parameters details

                Product Model:HT550


                Printing Size: 115*65*160MM

                Printing layer thickness(resolution):0.025-0.1mm

                Printing Speed:20-25mm/h

                 Exposure Time:3s/layer

                 Molding Precision:+-0.05mm

                 Z axis resolution:2560*1440

                 XY Resolution:2560*1440

                 Display screen:2.8" HD LCD screen

                 Dimension for printer:270*220*420 mm


                  Power Adapter(adapter input);100-240V 1.5A 50/60Hz 160W

                  Adapter output:24V

                  Document format:STL/SLC/OBJ

                  Connecting Way:U disk

601 High precision resin parameters introduction



Flexural Strength:25-35MPA

Deformation Temperature:60℃

Volume Shrinkage:5%-7%

Surface Gloss:Medium Gloss

Tensile Strength:55-70MPA

Shore Hardness:80-85D

Color:Clay/Red mud/Stucco

3 colors resin

501 grape pruple resin parameters introduction



Flexural Strength:45-60MPA

Deformation Temperature:60℃

Volume Shrinkage:7%-8%

Surface Gloss:High Gloss

Tensile Strength:45-55MPA

Shore Hardness:70-75D

Color:Grape purple

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Printed model effect show

3d printing product-5_Jc

3d printing product-6_Jc

501 grape purple resin

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