Desktop SLA LCD 3D Printer For Jewelry Wire Mesh Structure Jewelry

DM1506 is a jewelry SLA laser 3D printer, which is specifically developed to provide high quality and advanced performance. Resolution up to 0.025mm Smooth surfaces that reduces post-processing waste Wire mesh structure that meets higher demand of jewelry’s printing 0.03mm focusing spot that realizes thin-walled printing

Product Details

1.Produce high precision jewelry 

With Rich-Opto 3D printer, any type of jewelry with high precision can be printed.

2.Stones can be set directly on printed model 

Using our 3D printer with Rich-Opto resin enalbes you to set stones directly on printed model that can be directly transformed into jewelry after casting.

3.Produce smooth surface jewelry that requires no additional polishing

Smooth mesh hollowing structure model can be produced, and the best model can be obtained with the least polishing work.

1506_ 03

1506_ 04



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