2019 Best Sell 3D Printer For Anime Model Printing And Home Diy

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Product Details

2019 Best Sell 3D Printer For Anime Model Printing And Home DIY

Product introduction


HT550 LCD  3D printer parameters


Machine advantages

Better automatic leveling stability

Fine model support design

Easy to operate and once curing

    Extreme printing, restore skin texture

Create a fantasy world

Crystal clear, feel silky smooth

Fine design, more stereoscopic

Printed anime model display

3D printing anime model-1

3D printing anime model-2

3D printing anime model-3

3D printing anime model-4

3D printing anime model-6

 The precautions before printing the device:

1. After the equipment is purchased, remove the outer packaging. Please note that the power supply and its accessories are in the built-in foam of the hood. Please open it to confirm.

2. After unpacking, first confirm the operation status of the equipment by power on. The specific steps are as follows:

A, Turn on the power switch on the right rear of the device.

B, After loading the boot animation, click the manual button in the tool to raise the shaft to a certain height and take out the dust-free paper in the resin pool.

C, Remove the resin pool and the printing platform (note the arrow mark on the printing platform, and install it on the printer in the same orientation when installing again).

D, Click on the full-screen exposure. After ensuring that the screen is free of abnormalities during transportation and the surface is clean, install the printing platform and resin pool to the original position. After placing them in place, tighten the nuts.

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